Mechanical and Electrical Consulting Engineers.

We provide a complete management, planning, design and supervisory service for industrial and building services engineering necessary for major construction projects.


Introduction - About MFA Partnership

MFA PARTNERSHIP is an Independent Unlimited Liability Company of Consulting Engineers founded in 2001.

The company provides a complete management, planning, design and supervisory service for industrial and building services engineering necessary for major construction projects.

The last few years have seen a progressive increase in the size and complexity of commercial and industrial developments. The technical complexity now necessary for cost effective design and installation processes has led to increasing diversification and specialization.

A high level of expertise and experience are required in the design and specification of engineering systems. The experience gained by the Partners of the company on many large multi-story commercial buildings that are now landmarks in the metropolitan Lagos is immediately applicable to new projects undertaken by the company.

The company's in house Computer Aided Design and Drafting, Information Technology facilities and a wide range of specialist Engineering software programs are used as design tool for all aspect of the company's work.



Service To Clients

The company undertakes the following services:-

Feasibility Studies

Technical and economic surveys, comparative cost evaluations and recommendations into various methods of resolving a problem. Preparation of project reports.


Design of air-conditioning, electrical, lighting, plumbing & drainage systems. Lifts and escalators.

Contract Documentation

Preparation of specifications, functional and layout drawings for tender action.
Preparation of Bills of Quantities if required.

Cost Control

Budget estimating. Evaluation of Tenders. Valuation of Variations. Certification of interim payments and final accounts.


Investigation, reporting and recommendations on faults or lack of performance, on Mechanical and Electrical systems.

Advisory Service

The company advises on maintenance, refurbishment and remedial works and provides supervisory site staff as required. The company is completely independent of any manufacturing, supply or construction company and its advice is completely professional and unbiased in any way.


The consultancy services offered by MFA Partnership are on a professional basis with the fundamental difference being that the company puts the Clients interest first.

The scope of services provided is in accordance with the "Conditions of Engagement" of the Association of Consulting Engineers, Nigeria.

Activities involved in the implementation of the majority of the projects are as follows:-
  • take the client's instruction/brief usually without any intermediary
  • prepare general layouts of the proposed engineering services in line with the Architect's drawings, discuss them with the Client/ Architect and amend them as required.
  • prepare a Design Report and a budget estimate of cost.
  • propose arrangements for the installation of the proposed engineering services. These will normally consist of inviting tenders from reputable sub-contractors, plant manufacturers etc.
  • prepare detail drawings, specifications, bills of quantities and other contract documents, obtain tenders, evaluate them and recommend acceptance by the Client of the best offers.
  • supervise and co-ordinate the work of the various sub-contractors, suppliers etc.
  • attend regular progress meetings, generally monthly, with Client/ Architect and Contractors.
  • witness commissioning of plant, services etc, generally jointly with Client's staff, paying attention particularly to those items required for staff training.
  • ensure that sub-contractors attend to list of outstanding work.
  • issue completion certificates to sub-contractors.
  • arrange for handing over to Client of all as-fitted drawings, operating manuals etc.